Meeting students in York


Mark Woodward Photography

This year’s Summer Recruitment Day at the University of York was a well organised and engaging event. The day was much better attended than we had anticipated, with around 500 student attendees. During the course of the day we managed to meet with over 100 students looking for internships and full-time positions. We had five vacancies open for discussion, but by far the most popular were those for Software Development and Marketing. Following the event we’ve had numerous interactions with student attendees and we’re pleased to announce that a formal job offer has been made and accepted for a Marketing/Business Development role in our York office. The day was a great success and we’re looking forward to the next University of York Careers event in the Autumn Term.


Mark Woodward Photography

We also provided student support in an afternoon CV workshop. Students had 20 minute meetings with employers who provided feedback on their CVs. We enjoyed being involved in this session and it was good to provide an employer perspective to young bright students and graduates trying to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market. The CVs were of a good standard but many needed to establish a clearer link between the individual, their academic credentials and their onward career plans.

Photographs by Mark Woodward Photography (


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