Talented Graduates join the team

It’s hard to believe it was just three weeks ago that we attended the University of York summer careers fair in search of York-based graduate talent. Read about that in our earlier post here.

Following a hectic round of interviews we are delighted to have recruited two recent graduates. Richard joined us last week in a full-time Software Developer role. Lillie arrives next week following her graduation ceremony and will take on a full-time position in Marketing and Business Development.

This comes just a few weeks after acquiring a new Software Development intern, Adam, and a Social Media intern, Kate. Our interns were found through the University of York Student Internship Bureau, and we’re excited to be working with them in developing a long-term talent pipeline. Our new recruits come from a wide-range of academic disciplines from Theoretical Physics to English Literature and they all bring their own unique touch to the team.

Our thanks go to the University of York careers team, within a month we have added four highly specialist members to our growing team – a fantastic result.


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