Fantastic Graduate Opportunity – Business Finance Executive at Mercedes-Benz Rygor

The UK’s largest dedicated dealer group for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles is seeking fresh graduate talent to join its industry leading business.  This is an opportunity that graduates should get excited about, and in particular, it is one that is music to our ears for all of the Gradintel team. This is the first time that Rygor has ventured into the graduate market for new recruits, which makes it a special occasion in itself. More importantly, Rygor is not fixated with graduates coming from a specific location or having a specific category of degree, what they value the most is finding the right individual for that role, and that is everything we believe in here at Gradintel.

mercAbout the company
Just as every graduate wishes to flourish in their career after their studies, the history of Rygor demonstrates a similar path. Rygor has grown from a small family business in 1960 to the UK’s largest dealer group for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. It first became a service agent for Mercedes-Benz in 1986, and today has branches throughout Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset West London, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. The company offers highly flexible finance terms, insurance and service contracts, delivering tailor-made support at competitive prices to help keep the UK’s businesses moving! With a proven track record, Rygor is proud to be selling and supporting the most prestigious name in commercial vehicles.

About the role
With a starting salary of £24,000 and a fully expensed company vehicle (yes, a Mercedes Benz), graduates are presented with an exciting entry level job opportunity. The role involves the upsell of finance packages on commercial vehicles sold by the company’s industry leading sales force. This will include tailoring financial proposals for customers using the financial products offered by Mercedes-Benz Finance, with the aim of meeting customers funding requirements whilst increasing the profitability of the finance department. The graduate will receive full training, both classroom led and on the job with an in-house specialist, in order to ensure they quickly develop the skills and knowledge needed for the role. Once trained,  be given a huge amount of responsibility and will manage their own finance penetration and profit targets.  All in all, this is an excellent opportunity, suitable for any graduate with a head for numbers, has good people skills, and is looking for a unique challenge.

manThe progress so far…
Our intelligent matching system has identified almost 3000 graduates suitable for this role, and these graduates have since been tagged. Since these were sent out on Friday, Rygor have already received ten applications, and currently 25 more are in progress! Applications can be made for this role until the 31st July 2015, so if you’re a Gradintel member, you’ve been tagged, and you believe this exciting opportunity is for you, apply now!

If you’re a student or recent graduate and have not been given a Gradintel account through your University, you don’t have to worry about missing out on great opportunities like this one. Sign up today with a Gradintel student account here, start building your profile, and be  discovered.


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