Recruiters lose a day a week to admin – we need a better system

A recent survey by technology provider, Cornerstone OnDemand, revealed that in-house recruiters find themselves losing two hours every day to administrative tasks – totally up to at least one work day every week. This admin burden has an impact on productivity, with recruiters commenting that they would like to incorporate more ‘recruitment hacking’ techniques.

Recruiters are crying out for technological solutions and shortcuts to help them automate the most time-intensive tasks such a searching for candidates and reviewing CVs and applications.

Recruitment expert, Peter Gold – who worked with Cornerstone InDemand on the study – has commented that: “Recruiters tell me that it’s becoming a candidate-driven market, and finding talent is becoming harder all the time. This is borne out by research from the likes of ManpowerGroup, which showed 2015 to have a seven-year peak of talent shortage. Recruiters have to work really hard to get noticed and even harder to persuade the best talent to join them. In order to accomplish this, they will need to reduce process inefficiencies and increase personalisation – both of which can be addressed through recruitment hacking techniques.”

Increasingly, businesses are turning to software, like that offered by Gradintel, to automate these processes and increase productivity. Our unique talent-matching algorithms do the work of searching for candidates, which in-house recruiters claim takes up 58% of their time. We work with clients to create ideal target profiles using specific characteristics such as personality traits or previous experience. These target profiles can be bolstered by the university-verified academic data that we hold in the form of the Higher Education Achievement Report (the HEAR). Focusing in specifically on the most appropriate candidates at this early stage rules out the need to do extensive vetting later on in the application process.

To make use of our extensive graduate talent and unique matching system, please contact us via our website.


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