How to build a strong profile: Location, location, location

fb-insidertips-locationThis is part two in our series of Insider Tips  for how to use your Gradintelligence profile to maximise your chances of being discovered for opportunities. We love connecting students with opportunities, and we want to make sure students and graduates get the most out of their profiles.

Why build your profile?
Simply put, the more you develop your profile, the more likely you will be tagged for opportunities that are best suited to you and your preferences.

Gradintelligence uses an intelligent matching algorithm which takes the elements of your profile, and aligns them with the criteria that employers and Higher Education institutions are searching for in potential candidates or students.

So, how should you do it?
This week, our tip on how to best #bediscovered, is all about location.

The employers and universities who tag through our system come from all over the UK. For many graduates, leaving university is a great chance to look for a brand new place to live, and finding a job somewhere is the perfect reason to move! In fact, when it comes to work, 86% of people say they would be willing to relocate within the UK if the right job came up.

However, some people have very clear ideas about where they would like to work, so whether it’s your hometown, the place where you studied, or somewhere else entirely, you can set this preference in your profile. You can even set multiple, if you would be willing to move but only to a select number of locations. This helps our algorithm select you for only jobs which you’d be willing to apply for.fb-location

Any questions?
As always, we are more than happy to help with any issues you have updating your profile. Please contact us on Twitter, Facebook or through email:

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