Recruiters struggle to find the right candidates – how can technology help?

New research from CV-Library highlights some of the struggles faced by UK recruiters in finding the right candidates for roles. The recent poll found that almost 70% of recruiters found they experienced difficulty in finding the right person for a vacancy they were trying to fill.

The poll, which included over 700 of the UK’s leading recruitment professionals, sought to understand the main difficulties faced by recruiters. The research found that 67.5% struggle to find the right candidates, and that 37.7% experienced serious skills shortages in the applicants. 32.1% also commented that the slow speed of the recruitment process hinders them.

This comes at a time when vacancies are actually rising – August saw a 29% job rise compared with the same period in 2014. Despite this, there was only a 19% increase in job applications.

Founder and managing director of CV-Library, Lee Biggins, said:

“In a job market where candidates now have more selection, it’s unsurprising to see that recruiters are struggling to fill the growing number of roles available. That, combined with the growing concern over skills shortages continue to cause a problem.

However, we hope that the increasingly stable financial market and the rise of other work benefits, such as bonus schemes, mean businesses can afford to do more to attract the best talent to their organisations. Highlighting the provision of training and mentoring, and providing opportunities for career progression are other key ways to improve application rates.”

Technological innovation could ameliorate some of the issues faced by these recruitment professionals. Gradintel is a platform which enables graduate talent to be searched based on their attributes, which could include the relevant education, experience or skills desired by the potential employer. Enabling pinpointing based on a individual’s characteristics means that those without the pertinent skills would not be tagged for a certain employment prospect.

The slow speed of the recruitment process is frequently noted by recruiters as a drawback which hinders their work in finding the right candidates. One survey claimed that recruiters in fact lose an entire day every week just on admin roles involved in finding talent for their roles. Businesses could benefit from software which automates some of these processes, and consequently boosts productivity.

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