HEA hires talented graduate for Research Internship

At a time of record numbers of students graduating from university, many employers still struggle to identify high quality candidates for their graduate roles and to differentiate between applicants. The Higher Education Academy (HEA), a UK-based organisation responsible for enhancing teaching and supporting learning in higher education, recently searched for an enthusiastic Research Intern to join them.

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Kandy Woodfield, Head of Social Sciences at HEA, has spoken about the experience of hiring:

HEA decided to offer two short-term research internships in Sept. 2015 to work alongside our Research team conducting a rapid evidence audit following a period of organisational change. hea_generic_logo

We needed to find a suitable pool of applicants quickly and Gradintel were successful in meeting our needs. Within a very tight timetable from recruitment to appointment within three weeks Gradintel were able to produce a pool of candidates with relevant skills for us to interview. This latter point was most important because we required our interns to have a solid set of pre-existing research skills. The information we received on potential candidates included useful insights into their performance on individual modules as well as their previous employment and extra-curricular activities, all of which helped to provide a rounded candidate profile for our decision making. We’d definitely use Gradintel again.

One of their successful candidates has commented that:

I found the process of Gradintel really easy to use – the ‘tagging’ process is nice as it means you’re not being sent 10 emails a day for irrelevant jobs but ones that are actually tailored to you… The application process was straight forward and gave lots of information about the employer before the interview process, which was helpful.

The site itself feels really comprehensive with personality questionnaires and logical/numerical reasoning tests.


How the HEAR helps employers
Gradintel is a leading provider of Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) management systems to UK universities and Further Education institutions. Universities register students with a Gradintel account which provides them with access to their HEAR, so that it can be shared as a verified transcript with prospective employers or for postgraduate opportunities. Students are encouraged to improve their employability by providing additional information, achievements and experiences.HEARlogo

The result is the richest pool of searchable data which recruiters can then access for precise, rather than blanket, targeting. Employers, like HEA, can target candidates on a national basis who meet with strict academic and non-academic criteria. This results in more efficient targeting, happier candidates and reduced cost.

Interested in finding out more?
Find out more about targeting candidates through Gradintel here, where you can sign up to start searching for talent.

If you are a student or graduate (who has not already been registered by your university), and you wish to be tagged for some exciting graduate opportunities – sign up for a free account here.


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