How to build a strong profile: skills and experiences

fb-insidertips-expThis is part five in our series of Insider Tips for how to use your Gradintelligence profile to maximise your chances of being discovered for opportunities. We love connecting students with opportunities, and we want to make sure students and graduates get the most out of their profiles.

Why build your profile?
Simply put, the more you develop your profile, the more likely you will be tagged for opportunities that are best suited to you and your preferences.

Gradintelligence uses an intelligent matching algorithm which takes the elements of your profile, and aligns them with the criteria that employers and Higher Education institutions are searching for in potential candidates or students.

So, how should you do it?
It’s important to showcase all of your skills and experiences to employers so that you can differentiate yourself as the perfect candidate for a role. In the Personal Profile area of your account, there is a section for Experience which lets you list your personal attributes to best market yourself to employers.

The first section here is Work Experience, which we dedicated a whole post to: check that out here.

Life Experience is the place to emphasise any positions of responsibility you’ve held, or perhaps society membership whilst at university. You can also talk about hobbies and fb-lifeexpinterests, involvement in sports teams, or any travel that you have done. These types of experiences are rarely listed by candidates on application forms but can really set you apart from other similar graduates who have only listed their results! Being captain of a sports team, or treasurer of a society show commitment and managerial or administrative skills that are valuable in the workplace, so make sure that employers know what you’ve achieved.

Breadth of Experience lets you list other skills that you might have gained from your fb-breadth1degree, or previous work or team experience. Have you worked well in a team or given effective presentations for a module or a project? Here is the place to demonstrate that.

Language Skills are becoming increasingly important in the globalised workforce. Studies have shown that knowing a foreign language boosts employability, so it is certainly fb-languagesomething to shout about if this is a skill you have. With 74% of employers wishing to hire applicants with language ability, it’s important that you keep your profile updated with this information!

Finally, IT Skills are regularly listed as being among the most sought after skills in fb-itskillspotential employees. Most workplaces will require a certain level of IT knowledge, so if you’re IT savvy, make sure your profile reflects this. This doesn’t have to be advanced coding for software! If you are comfortable with Microsoft Office or with email platforms, this is a great place to start.

Any questions?
As always, we are more than happy to help with any issues you have updating your profile. Please contact us on Twitter, Facebook or through email:

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