How to build a strong profile: Statements

fb-insidertips-statementThis is part six in our series of Insider Tips  for how to use your Gradintelligence profile to maximise your chances of being discovered for opportunities. We love connecting students with opportunities, and we want to make sure students and graduates get the most out of their profiles.

Why build your profile?
Simply put, the more you develop your profile, the more likely you will be tagged for opportunities that are best suited to you and your preferences.

Gradintelligence uses an intelligent matching algorithm which takes the elements of your profile, and aligns them with the criteria that employers and Higher Education institutions are searching for in potential candidates or students.

So, how should you do it?
When it comes to applying for jobs, it can be really hard to stand out from the crowd. On paper, many candidates may seem very similar – with certain degrees, particular grades, or even some work experience. It’s the unique combination of everything that has led you up to this point which might mean that you’re an ideal candidate for a certain role. But how do you communicate this to a potential employer? The traditional route of a CV, or formulaic application form are very one-dimensional, and make it hard to show off your true value.

When applying to jobs through your Gradintelligence account, every element of your profile that you have completed comes together to auto-populate an application form, so that you don’t have to fill out all your details every time you make an application. To complement fb-statementthis, creating a personal statement is the perfect way to show your true personality, and why you are right for your desired role. In the Statements area of your personal profile you can add written or video statements, or link to separate web pages to further support your statement. Make the most of this opportunity to set yourself apart and add your individual voice to the application process.

Any questions?
As always, we are more than happy to help with any issues you have updating your profile. Please contact us on Twitter, Facebook or through email:

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