Millenials intimidated by writing CVs

selfie.jpgIn new research from LifeSkills (created by Barclays), it has been revealed that young people in the UK find it difficult to promote themselves through a written CV. Despite millenials posting to social networks around eight times per day, they were embarrassed when it came to promoting themselves in a professional capacity. Young people have been dubbed the “selfie generation” since they often feel comfortable uploading images of themselves on holidays and nights out to Facebook and Instagram.

The stats on CVs
60% of 14-25 year olds that were surveyed said that they feel intimidated by the idea of writing a CV. The main reasons cited were feeling self-conscious, and worries over sounding boastful while citing achievements.

As well as this, 46% of respondents said that they struggle translating their skills and achievements into appropriate language for potential employers. Many young people admit to having certain skills but worry that they are inappropriate to include on a CV. 76% of them cited computing skills, whilst 48% mentioned problem-solving abilities, and 42% spoke of possessing organisational skills such as planning and co-ordinating.

Perhaps most astonishingly, 39% of young people had never written a CV before.

New technologies
43% of respondents said that they would prefer to promote themselves online using networks like LinkedIn, rather than through the traditional route of a CV. Young people found that this method was less formal, and was familiar to them from other social media channels.

Others are beginning to question the value of traditional, paper CVs. Managing Director of HireRight, Steve Girdler recently asked whether CVs are a thing of the past. He, too, cited online options such as LinkedIn as alternatives, saying:

“LinkedIn addresses the issue of verifiability by allowing users to include references on their profiles, backing up their claims. As a result some companies are allowing applicants to submit their LinkedIn profile in lieu of a CV.”

If you’re signed up to Gradintel, you can use your profile as an online CV. Not only can you fill out all the relevant sections in a guided way, which reduces the pressure of producing a paper CV, once complete – you can use your profile to apply for jobs in just a few clicks. Like LinkedIn, your Gradintel profile can help with verifiability – if you come from one of our partner universities, your academic (and non-academic!) achievements can be pulled to fill out your profile. This data is verified by your university, so can be trusted by potential employers.

Employers are matched to potential employees through Gradintel, and they can use this platform to find out about any characteristics that they value in candidates.

Students and graduates that are not part of a partner institution can register with Gradintel and fill out their profiles, and likewise be tagged by employers for opportunities. Please visit to register for your free account.


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