Hall Hunter Partnership looking for talented grads

After a successful campaign earlier in the year, Hall Hunter Partnership are searching for graduates to fill several upcoming roles. HHP are an agricultural business who provide the delicious berries which often fill the shelves of top supermarket chains.

A family business located in Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex, HHP employ over 2000 workers during harvest season. They aim to recruit, retain and develop individuals who aspire to be the best growers and managers in UK horticulture.


About the roles
Hall Hunter are currently looking for graduates to join their Graduate Development Programme, and the Graduate Agriculture and Horticulture Management Programme.

Your development and education during these programmes will be fully supported and structured so that each task area is successfully covered and signed off as you progress. On each programme you will be given your own individual project to work on, which you will present to higher-level management upon completion.

What are Hall Hunter looking for?

We aim to attract the right people into our business and then educate and encourage all in a way that allows them to grow as individuals and achieve their full potential. We have a history of delivering exciting career paths with many examples of individuals who have built their careers with us and are now running multi-million pound businesses having started in very junior roles.

What do we look for? It’s simple: Graduates with a keen interest in farming, preferably from a farming background. Candidates must be enthusiastic and drive team players who are strong communications and willing to work in a fast-paced environment.

If you’ve been tagged…
If you’ve been tagged for these opportunities, get your applications in!

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