Work with innovative software company LIST – in London


About LIST

LIST develops innovative software solutions for capital markets and regulatory compliance. LIST operates worldwide in 15 countries and 4 continents; LIST’s customers include many of the leading global investment banks and brokerage firms as well as regional and local institutions.

LIST offers multi-asset, multi-venue MiFID II ready platforms for electronic trading, eCommerce and brokerage as well as best execution, SOR and internalization solutions.

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Task Description:

Technical Support engineer assists Head of Technical Support with configuration, deployment and maintenance for LIST’s software by:

  • Providing second line support to LIST’s clients.
  • Taking part in every stage of product deployment cycle (i.e. analysis, configuration, installation, testing and maintenance).
  • Visiting client sites and supporting clients with configuration, deployment and maintenance of LIST’s software.
  • Assisting clients with system migrations.
  • Assisting clients in using various LIST’s products.
  • Keeping track of changes made in clients installations of LIST’s software
  • Performing analysis of problems detected in LIST’s software and communicating the cause of problems to development/contingency department.
  • Providing regular feedback to clients about on-going activities and open incidents.
  • Regularly updating incident tracking system
  • Preparing and updating relevant technical documentation
  • Being available to cover specific activities beyond standard time.
  • Preparing and submitting reports to Head of Technical Support on a regular basis.
  • Performing any other duties that may be required from time to time.

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