Gradintelligence – What you need to know, part 2.

lillie-circle-captionIf any of you missed my post last Friday, over the next few weeks I’m going to be writing a series of blog posts which address some of the questions that so many students and graduates are asking us.

One of the hottest topics in graduate recruitment at the moment is visa and immigration policy, and how this is effecting the ability of graduate recruiters to acquire international student and graduate talent. With a significant amount of our student database consisting of international students, it is understandable that when our employer customers are targeting these individuals for opportunities, they are asking us about whether they are eligible to apply. Here are my answers to your questions:

Question: I’m on a Tier 4 visa – can I apply for this opportunity?


Question: I have graduated and gone back home and I will require a Tier 2 visa to come back and work in the UK – can I apply for this opportunity?

Answer: Yes. It is important that all international students know that no employer can prevent you from applying for their opportunity based on your country of origin and visa status and they  cannot reject your application based on this information. As an intermediary between employers and students, we always try to dissuade our employer customers from limiting their talent intake to the UK alone and try to make them aware of the many benefits of having a diverse workforce. Our advice to every student who asks us these questions is:

  • Apply for every opportunity on the Gradintelligence system that you are targeted for and that you like the sound of.
  • In the case that your application isn’t successful, ask for feedback! And if you don’t hear back, chase this up.
  • Remember that on a Tier 4 visa, as a registered student, you are eligible to work in the UK – full time out of term time and up to 20 hours during term time.
  • Continue to engage with your Gradintelligence Personal Profile so that you can be matched to opportunities by employers who are interested in recruiting international students and graduates. Try adding additional language skills, which is often very attractive to employers. Also, build on the “life experience” section of your profile and talk about how being an international student has enabled you to develop skills and strengths that are beneficial to the working environment.

I hope you find this information helpful! Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or get in touch at I will be happy to have a chat.


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