Gradintelligence – What you need to know, part 3.

Question: How do I complete an application form with Gradintelligence, and what does the employer I’m applying to actually see?

Answer: There are really two parts to this. Unfortunately, many of those who get matched to opportunities nail the second part of the application process but completely miss the first part, often not realising until it is too late!

Part 1: Your personal profile

The link to your personal profile sits at the top of your left-hand side menu in your Gradintelligence account.

Personal Profile.jpg

As I mentioned in my previous blog on opportunity matching, your should view your personal profile as an extended version of your CV – a resume of all of your qualifications, skills and experiences. When you submit an application to an opportunity you’ve been matched to, all of the information you enter in your personal profile populates the body of your application form.

If you are a student/graduate of one of our university partners and access your HEAR from your Gradintelligence account, your achievement information from your HEAR also populates your application form. So if you have a lot of blank fields in your personal profile, your application to the job you have been matched to will also appear very blank and so your chances of being selected for the role will be low!

Part 2: The application process

So, you’ve got a fabulously rich personal profile and you’ve been matched to an internship that is right up your street. What now? Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing an application form:

1. Accept your tag
For those who don’t know, we call your matched opportunities tags. Once you have been tagged and have reviewed all of the opportunity details via the ‘Details’ button, click ‘Accept’. This sends a message to us to let us know that you have accepted this opportunity and are considering applying for it.

2. Apply
Once you’ve accepted your tag, you will notice the button changes to ‘Apply’, click on this button to start the application process.

3. Complete your application questions
Often our employer customers ask a couple of questions to help them get a better idea of how suitable a candidate is for the opportunity. Usually these are questions around whether the candidate either lives nearby or is willing to relocate for the role. On occasions, you will be asked more in-depth open questions, such as how you feel your skills align with the requirements of the job. Please take your time when answering such questions, as this is your chance to really set yourself apart from other applicants.

4. Submit
You’re ready to go! Once you’ve answered your questions, hit the submit button and your application form will instantly arrive in the employers Gradintelligence account.

I hope you have found this information useful. If you do have any further questions about completing applications through your Gradintelligence account please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at or through LinkedIn.


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