How are you looking for a job? The internet is your best bet!

Global research published by the Boston Consulting Group and Recruit Works Institutes has highlighted the way in which the Internet has changed job searching. The survey looked at 13,000 job seekers from 13 countries and has found that over 50% of them use the Internet to search for roles. macbook-pro.jpg

Other channels for job searching included print media, employment agencies and directly inquiring with the employer. Of all the categories listed, respondents gave the internet as the most used medium.

The report also noted demographic differences when it comes to looking for jobs. The average jobseeker using the Internet to look for a role is typically younger and more educated than those using traditional channels.

Kazumasa Sakurai, co-author of the report and BCG Partner, said:

One of the key capabilities that differentiates the Internet channel from referrals from family or friends is the Internet’s ability to process a much higher volume of applications.

We believe that key difference will drive the continued growth and evolution of Internet job search, and we look forward to seeing how future technological developments can continue to drive down the time job seekers spend searching for a new job without limiting—and in fact expanding—their employment options.

Founder and general manager of Recruit Works Institute, Yukio Okubo, added that:

Job search behaviour is drastically changing around the world, but until the publication of this report, we have had little insight into just how it’s changing.

The unique evidence of job search behaviour in various countries presented in the report promises to deepen our understanding of the global job market.


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