How big data is transforming small business recruitment

In this article, Lillie discusses the ways in which verified big data can revolutionise your recruitment methods.

big data

Over the past few years we’ve been hearing the term big data and all about how it is changing the way we live our lives: from how we shop in the supermarket, to how we select a film to watch, and now it can even help us to land our dream job.

More recently, new technologies have started to use the power of data to help companies predict which employees are likely to flourish as new hires and future leaders. Hotel chain Marriott International Inc. have introduced a Farmville-like game, in which players get to virtually experience managing their own hotel kitchen, so that they can test the abilities of potential candidates. Other large firms are quickly catching onto this gamification trend, with Deloitte recently introducing a mobile recruiting app, “Firefly Freedom”. The app is set in a fictional forested world in which players are tested on their risk appetite, mental agility and persistence, by catching fireflies to provide light for their families during winter.

And by the way, when we talk about big data, we really mean ginormous data. I attended ^FB77E84CC2730D1BD230BFA0874D5959E24F5ED1F2450046CC^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrthe fabulous Data Talent Scotland event recently, listening to Deloitte’s Costi Perricos talk about The transformational power of big data and analytics” and learned that the size of the world’s data is equivalent to a stack of books stretching from the earth to pluto…
And back…
28 times…

And according to this video on the mind-blowing growth of big data, 99.5% of the world’s data hasn’t even been looked at yet.

As exciting as these data-driven developments are, and as much as they could transform the recruitment industry, a problem still remains. The only companies that can use the power of big data to enhance their recruitment processes are the big players, who can afford to spend thousands on creating such technologies. What about the 5.4 million SMEs that make up 99.9% of businesses in the UK? How can they utilise the power of big data to gain access to emerging talent?

So what do we do with it all?
Former Chief Scientist of Amazon and now Director of the Social Lab and Lecturer at UC Berkeley, Andreas Weigend, says that it is great that this data is collected, but it is up to society to creatively ask the right questions. That’s what the founders of Gradintelligence did 8 years ago, and what the team are still continuing to do today as we develop tools that use big verified university data to connect students and graduates with employers, particularly SMEs.

Very recently, we have launched our Online Talent Matching Engine. This quick, easy and cost-effective tool allows employers to take themselves through a seamless journey of creating an appealing job profile, specifying candidate criteria and ranking characteristics in order of importance. They then target their custom talent pool selected from over 365,000 registered students and graduates.

Sound interesting? It gets better. Not only can you directly target candidates who are best suited to your role, the academic data you receive from applicants is verified – we hold over 12 million academic achievements which are verified by universities. These achievements are searchable by employers who can use our technology to identify the best-fit candidates from an extensive, accurate database.

We’re using the power of big verified data to fill the gap that the larger players have not yet managed to fill – the AGR found last year that the applicant to hire ratio is still a staggering 75:1. Our technology means that it is much more likely employers will find the candidate they’re looking for: fewer candidates might apply, but fewer candidates get rejected. So far we’ve achieved applicant to hire ratios of 12:1, and our best campaign yet secured one hire from only two applications for one of the UK’s largest firms.

We’re not just into big data, we’re into big university-verified data, and we’re doing some incredibly exciting things with it. If you would like to see how we could connect your business to our talent pool using the Online Talent Matching Engine, you can sign up here today. If you’re interested in doing some bespoke work with us and would like to explore how we could work together, please contact me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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