Climb aboard, the Online Talent Matching Engine is ready to launch!

rocketIn 2008, our founders put their minds together and started writing complex algorithms and building smart technologies. Since then, they have formed partnerships with  40 UK universities (so far!) to provide students and graduates with digital academic achievement reports that can be accessed and shared online. 8 years on, the tank is fuelled with a talent pool of over 370,000 students and graduates and over 5 million registered academic achievements. The Online Talent Matching Engine is ready to launch.

What is it?
Our quick, easy and cost-effective talent matching engine connects employers of all sizes, and across multiple sectors, to the UK’s largest pool of university-verified data for graduate recruitment.

How does it work?
It’s simple! Sign up online and follow the straightforward process:

  1. Create your organisation profile
  2. Build your opportunity
  3. Specify your requirements
  4. Rank characteristics in order of importance to you
  5. Pay and launch your campaign by sending direct emails and SMSs to candidates

What problems does it solve?
The aim of our talent matching engine is to connect employers with currently unreachable talent, whilst at the same time:

  • Putting the control of the recruitment process in the hands of the employer, with no expert recruitment knowledge needed – ideal for SMEs
  • Providing accurate and verified student and graduate data
  • Reducing the applicant to hire ratio, meaning fewer of those “We regret to inform you…” calls are required
  • Being cost-effective, with prices starting at just £249

So how can you get started?
If you like the sound of this new disruptive technology and want to connect your business to the UK’s largest pool of graduate recruitment data, sign up today! If you’re interested in finding out more information, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or email at

One last thing…
Over the next few weeks we will be letting you know about the fantastic features of our talent matching engine. So watch this space for some useful tips and how-to guides!

Want more information? Check out our video below…


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