Features Friday: Creating your campaign

Creating a campaignToday on our Features Friday blog we’re looking at what’s involved in creating a campaign on our Online Talent Matching Engine.

As many of us on the marketing team are recent graduates, it was not so long ago that we were browsing the internet, hunting for jobs. One of the problems we have found with conventional job adverts is that they often look much the same, and it’s difficult to identify opportunities that stand out. This can be especially difficult with some smaller companies who may not have instantly recognisable brands. As an employer, it’s frustrating when you can’t get across your company values and message because you must stick to a rigid format.

With our campaigns, not only are students and graduates specifically targeted based on your requirements, they are presented with an appealing visual campaign rather than a boring list of text. In creating your company and opportunity profiles, you are given the opportunity to really sell your business, and to let candidates know what makes your opportunity stand out from the rest. We give you the tools to design beautiful campaigns, so don’t worry, your branding and style do not have to be compromised. And if you struggle with design, we’re always here to help!

Take a look at our infographic to see what information is required when creating your company and opportunity profile, and what features are available.

For a brief introduction to our Online Talent Matching Engine, check out our short video.
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