Features Friday: Targeted recruitment

Welcome back to our Features Friday series all about the Online Talent Matching Engine!

Many conventional recruitment methods struggle to reach the right candidates for an opportunity. Great campaigns are put together and a lot of money is spent on pushing these campaigns far and wide, in the hope that they will catch the eye of someone who a) is looking for work, and b) meets the requirements.

Our approach is highly targeted, which means that a campaign is only sent to those who meet the opportunity requirements, and those who are matched can be contacted directly.

How do we do identify candidates?

When you specify and rank your requirements in order of preference, you are telling the matching engine exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate. The matching engine then gets to work filtering through degree subjects, classifications, work experience, skills and more to find your customised talent pool of matched candidates.

Remember, the majority of candidates in your talent pool will have university-verified academic data. This means we can guarantee that most of the data you are being matched to is up-to-date and accurate.

How do we target them?mail

We contact your customised talent pool with a personalised message in three ways:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Internal message

This direct and personalised messaging is a great way to engage candidates. By placing your opportunity literally in their hands (as it appears on their mobile phone screen!) your campaign is sure to stand out.

For a brief introduction to our Online Talent Matching Engine, check out our short video.


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