Features Friday: Design visually appealing campaigns

A problem that employers often face when trying to recruit graduates is one of attraction. Today on Features Friday, we’ll be talking all about how to design campaigns that will help to attract candidates to your opportunity.create.png

Candidates and employers alike often complain that job boards are, well… boring. Students and graduates are often trying desperately to differentiate themselves to prospective employers, but they are also looking for a way to differentiate the jobs that they are looking at. There’s only so far you can go with searching through pages and pages of text before opportunities start to blend into one.

By using the Online Talent Matching Engine, not only are your ideal candidates directly notified about your opportunity, the campaigns they see can be as interesting, varied and creative as your business!

When you’re building your opportunity, you can include all your key text, as well as images, videos and any important links to your website, or social media. We encourage you to give a splash of your brand wherever possible, upload your logo and change text colours to match your own website or branding. So why not get creative and experiment with creating a campaign that will really stand out to students and graduates?

For a brief introduction to our Online Talent Matching Engine, check out our short video.
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