July is a key month for filling graduate vacancies

For many employers, especially those running graduate schemes, there is a structured approach to recruitment. Typically this starts with initial applications in September and concludes when new starters arrive in the following August. While this works well for most positions, many companies are still trying to find highly suitable candidates for their graduate schemes or entry-level roles.

Typical graduate recruitment scheme timeline:timeline

For the larger recruiters, July is the time for that final push to fill those remaining places on this year’s schemes. For many other employers, they are looking to attract 2016 graduating students to their entry-level positions.

This summer we’re working with companies large and small to help fill these gaps using a totally new approach to graduate recruitment. We’ve just released a new talent matching service for organisations throughout the UK. The service connects available students and graduates with employers for a wide variety of opportunities including internships, placements, graduate schemes and entry-level jobs. The service is currently connected to 40 UK universities and this is growing rapidly. As of today we host competency data for over 390,000 registered students and recent graduates, of which 90% is verified by their universities. At the heart of this new technology is a massive talent pool, the largest of its kind, backed with a combination of academic and non-academic data. Students use their gradintel.com account while at university to track their progress and improve their employability. They can supplement university-verified data by providing details of additional skills such as in languages or IT. They can also take a number of psychometric assessments and questionnaires, such as the Personality Questionnaire, so that employers can identify not just their academic achievements, but also the likelihood of them fitting in with the team and culture.

To see how this could support your graduate recruitment this summer please view our short intro video

To find out how the UK’s largest pool of verified student and graduate talent can help you revolutionise your recruitment habits, get in touch with us or get started at www.gradintel.com

Post originally published on LinkedIn – see the original post here


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