Features Friday: Manage your applications

Welcome back to our Features Friday series all about the Online Talent Matching Engine!


You’ve set up your campaign, prioritised the characteristics you would like to see in your candidates, and hit the button to send out targeted messages – so what now?

Once you campaign is live, candidates can immediately start to apply for your opportunity, and their applications will be submitted directly to your account. As soon as you get a new application, you’ll be notified through your account so you can go and check out the applicant’s details when you are ready. Go to the Applications page to see your full list of applicants.

From this page, you can view the profiles which have been submitted by your candidates. These profiles include:

  • answers to your application questions
  • contact details
  • education and qualifications (the majority of which is university-verified!)
  • work and volunteering experience
  • skills – like languages, or IT skills
  • results of psychometric assessments

Within the Applications area of your account, you can view each application as many times as you like. When you’ve come to a decision, you can shortlist candidates, reject them, or make them an offer! Candidates will then receive a system email to let them know about your decisions. Of course, you can also contact them yourself – contact details are listed on the application.

For a brief introduction to our Online Talent Matching Engine, check out our short video.

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