Graduate Choices: MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University

Graduate Choices

Have you thought about doing further study? Whether you are just about to graduate, or wanting to go back into education after some time away, there are many benefits to doing postgraduate study. It makes you more likely to get a job, and can increase your potential salary too!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting a range of engaging and diverse courses being offered by our university partners. If you’re interested in any of them, please get in touch with us at or find out more through your Gradintelligence account.

Mode: Full-time or part-time
Duration: 12-18 months full-time
Start date: September and January

This course is for computing, science and technology graduates who want to qualify to work as an electronic or electrical engineer – a globally recognised profession with a shortage of qualified practitioners in the UK.

Course description

On this course you gain the knowledge the skills you need to work as an engineer, building on your existing degree in science or technology.

A rewarding career
Engineers apply scientific and technological principles to solve problems in a creative way. It’s a well-paid and rewarding career that is constantly changing with new developments in technology. And with a shortage of electrical and electronic engineers in the UK, your skills will be in demand.

Electrical engineers are at the forefront of many innovations in the way we live and work today. They design, produce and install systems which power and control a range of products and digital communications.

What you study
You can follow your interests to create the right programme of study for you. Initially, you take two modules in engineering principles. Then, with guidance from your course leader, you select from a range of technical modules covering topics including electrical and control engineering and electronic systems.

In addition to your technical modules, you also take an engineering management subject and participate in a multidisciplinary product development project with MSc students from a range of engineering specialisms. You develop an understanding of how engineering projects work and how they relate to the commercial world, as well as becoming part of our engineering community and learning to think like an engineer.

One third of your study will be an individual project and dissertation. You specialise in a technical area of your interest and carry out your own in-depth investigation into a particular problem. Where possible, this will be an industry-related problem.

Many of our academic staff are actively involved in research. Examples of recent projects include • developing equipment to monitor the bone mineral density of young children for Sheffield Children’s Hospital • developing palm-sized robots to enable firefighters to safely enter and negotiate hazards in burning buildings.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, or others like it, please get in touch with us at or find out more through your Gradintelligence account.


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