How to share your HEAR (to help you get jobs!)

What is a HEAR?

As many of you know, we provide electronic access to thefb-hear.png Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for hundreds of thousands of students across the UK. The HEAR offers a detailed description of your achievements whilst in Higher Education. Because it is a lot more detailed than a traditional degree transcript, it gives a fuller picture of your student experience and might include details of awards, extracurricular activities and professional or departmental prizes, alongside your modules studied and marks obtained.

What’s it for?

Aside from revelling in the glow of your shiny new degree, your HEAR can be used to help you apply for jobs, or for postgraduate study opportunities. It’s such a valuable tool for these purposes because it’s completely verified by your University, so you can (easily!) show evidence of your degree.

It’s not just for finishers though, many universities offer a formative HEAR which is updated with grades and achievements throughout your degree. This can be used to help apply for internships and placements.

A quick how-to

So without further ado, here’s a rundown of how you can share your HEAR using your Gradintelligence profile:

  • After logging into your account (which will have been pre-registered for you by your university!) click onto University Services on the left-hand side
  • You’ll find all the details of your HEAR under Official Documents (click view to revel a bit more)
  • Click the Share button and you’ll be presented with some options, like how many times your recipient can view the document, or whether you want to be notified when your recipient clicks on it – fill this out!
  • Once that’s done, click Share with new recipient  and you can fill out the details of whoever you are sharing it with, be it a prospective employer, a university department, or even your mum (what, she gets to be proud of you too!!)
  • Now it’s time to hit the button – click Share now to finish up

So you’ve shared it, what now?

When you authorise access to your HEAR by sharing it with someone, the recipient will get an access link, and a separate access code emailed to them, to enable secure online access. That’s it! Now it’s up to them to have a look through your report and get back to you. So sit back, and relax….

Any questions?

If you need help with this, or anything else we’re always happy to lend a hand – contact us over on Twitter, Facebook or drop us an email at and someone will be back to you shortly.


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