Psychometric tests – what are they and why does it matter?

What is a psychometric test and why does it matter to students?

Psychometric tests are standardised tests which can be taken, often online, to identify various skills, abilities and personality types.

Many graduate employers use psychometric testing as a routine part of their recruitment process, particularly for graduate schemes. They can be used in the preliminary screening stage, or later on, as part of an assessment centre. If you’re planning to apply for a role with a big graduate employer, it’s likely you’ll be asked to complete one (or several!) as part of your application.

Time to get some practice?

It’s always best to be prepared, right? Which is why our student users have free access to a range of psychometric tests in their Gradintelligence account. They are delivered by a market-leader in online psychometric assessments for graduate recruitment, Korn Ferry Hay Group – you can find out more about them here. Luckily, this can be done from the comfort of your own computer, so no need to stress.

Here’s the lowdown of the tests you can try out:

Numerical reasoning: This test gives you 12 questions based on info presented in tables to see how you can analyse and draw conclusions. Key for: roles that work with data
Verbal reasoning: Consisting of 15 questions based on passages of text, this test measures your ability to interpret verbal information and reach the right conclusions. Key for: jobs in communications, marketing, journalism or work which requires analytical thinking
Logical reasoning: The 12 questions in this test assess how you analyse abstract information by providing you with an incomplete series of symbols. Key for: roles that involve complex problem-solving
Personality questionnaire: This is different from the tests above in that there are no right or wrong answers – instead it’s all about your behavioural style and preferences. The questions are related to how you would behave in a workplace, and give you an idea of which kinds of jobs and environments would suit you. It takes roughly 25 minutes to complete, and at the end of the questionnaire you receive a full report which will give you lots of detailed information about your working styles. Key for: everyone
Drives questionnaire: This questionnaire is about what motivates you, an what your values are. It is a helpful tool for seeing where you might fit in an organisation, or what roles would suit you. It takes about 30 minutes and gives you a report all about your responses on completion!

Added benefits

Whether or not you’re applying for a graduate scheme – taking time to complete these tests can really help with your overall employability. Understanding your personality will help you know what kind of working environment you would thrive in. Finding out about what drives you will help you know which jobs you should apply for, and would likely succeed in.

Feeling particularly proud of your results in a test? Soon you’ll be able to share your results with an employer when you’re applying for a job through Gradintelligence – but don’t worry, we’ll only share the ones you want to share!

What are you waiting for…

Give it a go today! Just log in to your account and visit My Psychometrics. If you don’t have a Gradintelligence account, you can sign up at:




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