3 ways to use your Gradintelligence account! 👍

Whether you’ve already got a Gradintelligence account, or you’re thinking of signing up – here’s a quick rundown of the ways in which you can use your profile:

Access and share your HEAR

If you attend(ed) one of our partner universities, and have been pre-registered for an account, you can use it to access your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). The HEAR is an electronic document which provides a record of all your achievements from your time at university – including information about the programme you studied, your modules, any other university-recognised achievements and your final degree award.

You can securely share your electronic documents with any employer, university, friend or family member whenever you want. Students often share their docs to help with:

  • job applications
  • applications to postgraduate courses
  • immigration applications
  • or simply to showcase achievements to others!

This means you don’t have to wait while your paperwork is verified and processed, you can go straight to your account and share straightaway.

fb-3ways2Be discovered for opportunities

Whether or not you have a HEAR, you can be tagged for opportunities through your account. Check out our series on how to make the most of your profile – it’ll help you maximise your chances of being tagged!

Employers can search for specific attributes to find students or graduates to come and work for them. They might search for a graduate from an Accountancy degree who has experience of customer services; or for a History grad with good logical reasoning skills! The best way to get tagged for opportunities that suit you is to fill out your profile as fully as you can. Be sure to set your preferences so that you only get tagged for opportunities you’re looking for.

Not interested in work, but looking for further study opportunities? Higher Education Institutions can also search for and tag students and graduates on our system – so keep your profile up to date to avoid missing out.

Prepare yourself for job applications

Whether you’re currently studying or looking for work, you can always make use of My Psychometrics which provides free access to psychometric assessments that measure your numerical, logical and verbal reasoning ability along with your personality traits and preferred working style.

Once you’ve completed an assessment, you get personalised developmental feedback on your results to help you prepare for interview and reflect on your strengths, the types of role that appear to be a particularly good fit based on your preferred working style, and the suggested areas to develop.

Putting time into practising the kinds of questions you may face in ability tests is the best way of maximising your performance and boosting your confidence. Whatever your ability assessment results, taking these tests will not disadvantage you in any way. Many employers now use these styles of tests before hiring candidates, so this is a great chance to practise, and to understand yourself better.

The results of your online assessments are combined with your profile characteristics to improve the quality and relevance of matched opportunities!

If you’re intrigued about Gradintelligence and want to create a free profile, head over to www.gradintel.com to sign up and join over 600,000 students!


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