Exciting Trainee Manager opportunity with London-based Intaglio Printmaker!

About the company

Intaglio Printmaker is a leading stockist and Intagliosupplier of equipment and materials to fine artist printmakers. It is considered to be the UK’s ‘knowledge factory’ on artist printmaking equipment and materials. As a result, it is a highly trusted brand within its specialist market which has been painstakingly built over its 35-year history.

The business operates both mail order and retail from a premises in London close to the Tate Modern. This provides a unique shopping experience for UK and international customers.  Approximately three quarters of its sales originate online and are dealt with through mail order. Another one quarter of sales are from walk in customers. The business has roughly 2,500 stock lines provided by approximately 100 suppliers from around the world and around 600 active purchaser accounts (schools, colleges, universities, print workshops etc.)

About the role

Intaglio Printmaker are looking for a committed member of staff to join our small team with a willingness to learn the business. Ideally a candidate from an economics, business studies, management or related degree subject.

Duties and responsibilities will eventually include:

  • Day to day running of business
  • Stock control, stock purchasing including imports, stock pricing and updating catalogue
  • Managing and development of retail website
  • Staff rota and managing small team of employees
  • Dealing with customer enquiries via email and telephone, online and counter sales
  • Cashing up and banking
  • Expanding company profile via online and social media presence

About you

The ideal candidate will have relevant educational qualifications and high level of computer literacy and numeracy. In terms of soft skills, Intaglio Printmaker are looking for someone with excellent people skills, who is good at problem-solving and organisation, is honest and reliable.

If you’ve been tagged…

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