The skills YOU need for your job search in 2017

The end of the academic year is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about which skills make you most attractive to employers! You may be slogging out for those final exams, but no need to take your head out of your textbook just yet – you may already have some of these highly sought-after skills.

When you’re hoping to set yourself apart from the competition in the search for a job, employers look for so much more than a certain degree, or a specific grade. In fact, a LinkedIn survey of nearly 300 hiring managers, found that your soft skills can make you the most attractive candidate.

So what are these important skills?


Coming in at number 1, we have communication! This is a vital skill in every workplace, whether you are communicating with a client, your colleagues, or communicating your ideas in a report. Think about how your time at university might have developed this skill – have you had to give a presentation to your seminar group before? Or maybe you’ve had to succinctly communicate your thoughts in a research proposal? Think about how these skills could be transferred to the workplace.


Next up is organization, which employers love, as it increases efficiency. You probably had to organize your time at university, especially if you had a job or hobbies alongside completing your degree. How did you stay organized to ensure you met your deadlines, and still had time to socialise or do a part-time job?


Many university courses include group assignments as a part of the assessment criteria. Working together in a team can sometimes be frustrating, but it sets you up for the world of work, where you will very often need to be collaborating with your colleagues. If you didn’t do much teamwork as part of your course, maybe your extra-curricular activities meant you worked in a team? If you were a core part of a committee for a society, or a sports team, this is a great way to show your teamworking abilities.


This might have been something you struggled with during your time at uni. Or perhaps you made it in bright and early to every 9am lecture – in which case, you’re well practised in this important skill! If not, it’s time to crack out the heavy-duty alarm clock as punctuality is an essential skill to have at work.

Critical thinking

Finally, critical thinking. This is about being able to look at a problem from different angles and come up with solutions. Being able to analyse the situation in front of you, and come up with suggestions and ideas is an invaluable contribution to the workplace.

Shout about your soft skills 📣

These skills are clearly very valuable to employers – so make sure they know that you have them! Display them on your CV, talk about them at an interview, and you can also add them to your Gradintelligence profile which will be sent to the employer whenever you apply to a job through us!


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